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"Working with Corey at Advertisers Advisors has been by far the best digital agency that we have ever worked with. Very personable, professional and quick to respond to our needs. He helped us build an awesome adwords campaign that was very detailed and effective. Look no further if you want the best. Thanks Corey we appreciate all that you do!!"
"Corey is the best! Expert in his knowledge of Google Ads, clear in his communication and hard working. Triple threat. We have referred friends and all agree. Grateful to work with him.."
"Corey at Advertiser Advisors LLC is truly amazing. He get all this Google stuff. Makes it easy for me to see how things are going. We can quickly figure out the next move. He's a wealth of expertise, knowledge, and ideas. He's not only been so helpful with the Google ad campaigns, but has helped with ideas for improving our online platforms from social media to our website. I cannot recommend him enough. I love how easy it is to schedule time with him. He's always on-time and ready to go. Truly a professional that can help your business reach more people."
"I have been with Advertiser Advisors LLC for the past 3 years and I have to say that it has been the best decision I have ever made. I have been in business for over 25 years and I have done a fair share of digital marketing in last 10 years. Corey Gefroh is a true professional and extremely thorough in the management of his Client's digital marketing strategy. I have first hand experience and I can say that ROI on my investment of marketing budget with him in last 90 days is 25X . That is 25 times the capital I have invested. Thanks Corey ! I highly recommend Corey and his company Advertisers Advisors LLC to anyone who wants to bring in a consultant who can take the company to the next level."
"A few things are important to me when hiring someone to help me. (1) I can understand the person when they communicate. (2) They follow up quickly. (3) They are a problem solver. (4) Can give detailed instructions. (5) Can give honest feedback. Example: I want it one way and there's another way that I wasn't aware of. OR we start on the project and a few weeks later it is brought to my attention that it isn't going as planned and that the direction should be changed to meet my goal. 6. I am a people and performance shopper, not a price shopper. COREY NAILED IT!!"
"I can't thank Corey enough for what he is able to do for a new restaurant concept that opened during the pandemic. He is worth every penny and couldn't be happier with the results he was able to provide for us. Thanks!"
"Corey is a solid and responsible interactive person. He will give you real results and communication. I am not too tech savvy and he makes me feel comfortable. In this industry I had 4 other company’s and Corey is by far the best most responsive and give great results. I am very happy to have the opportunity to build my small business with such a honest and reliable person who truly has integrity. I would gladly refer this company to friends and family. 100 % this is the best experience and most and transparent company I have ever had with web marketing."
"Corey is a pure professional when it comes to google ads!!! He is outstanding and plan to have a long lasting business relationship with him!! Best google ads person I have ever come across!!"
"Corey has done an exceptional job with us. He was easy to reach every time. He quickly answered our questions. He definitely masters Google ads. He researched and created a large number of powerful keywords for us. He gave us precise weekly reports. He was always on the lookout to improve our results. His services were affordable and fairly priced. Couldn't be more satisfied. I highly recommend him."
"Great advice, speedy follow up and an honest evaluation of my business model. Great guy with a positive attitude."
"Corey is amazing, I used to try to dabble in google ads, until I met Corey. It's hard to find someone you trust to let work with your clients and you refer people to that you can trust. Corey's work is very impressive he is knows how to run successful Google campaign and ads so people see ROI, he is responsive, knowledgeable, and most importantly effective. I look forward to continuing to work with Corey on a variety of projects. IF you are looking for the best in the business you have found him!! I 100% recommend Corey!"
"Corey is top notch! He knows his niche and finds the best way to make sure OUR businesses are front of mind when one goes to do a Google search. He knows how to analyze the data that will drive leads which pushes businesses to the top of the line. He is a hard worker takes each opportunity with his clients has top priority. I can tell that our personal business success is his personal triumphs as well! Give Corey a call, you wont be disappointed!"
"Corey is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to digital advertising. His expertise helped my business increase almost right from the beginning. He continually reviewed my results and made adjustments as needed to further increase my business. What I appreciate the most about Corey is that he truly cares about the business owners he is helping. I never felt pressured to do more or spend more than I was comfortable with. In fact, at times he recommended not increasing my spending until we had additional information. Corey achieved great results for me and I highly recommend his services."
"I reached out to Corey through a recommendation and couldn't be happier. Corey explained how digital marketing could help our business thoroughly and detailed the process, the costs involved, and the expected results in a way that was easy to understand. In the 2 months since partnering with Corey (now 3+years), we have see our Google presence grow tremendously and are converting the leads coming in as result into real profits. Thank you again Corey for helping our business grow!"
"Couldn’t be more happy with the work Corey has done for us. He’s provided so much value even before we ever hired him! Highly recommend him for all your marketing needs."
"Corey, formerly of Google, has been a huge help getting my new company TopComp in front of people through the Google Ads platform. His attention to detail and the analytics are second to none. If you are looking for someone to help you elevate your business through paid advertising on Google I strongly recommend Corey!"
"Corey's was instrumental in helping our laboratory launch new drinking water testing services. His knowledge of google advertising was instrumental to reaching my new client base. He was able to learn our business needs quickly and craft our advertising to fit. He delivered his services on-time with a high level of professionalism. Corey delivered on his promises and hit every deadline. I recommend his services to any business looking to grow."
"I highly recommend that Business Owners meet with Corey. My business is Corey's Client and I have seen excellent Google results from his services."
"I've worked with Corey on a few different projects and he carries himself in a very professional manner and has gotten great results for the clients that he's worked with. I'd definitely recommend Corey's expertise in the Google Ads space to help local businesses accomplish their financial goals."
"Corey really knows his stuff! He sat down with me and explained all my options in an easy to understand way. He's extremely organized and even took the time to help me with my own business processes. I highly recommend Corey! He'll get you the results you desire."
"Corey is a Joy to work with; very knowledgeable and attentive to customer needs. Highly recommend Advertising Advisors!"
"Corey helped me understand Google Ads and helped me through the process. What was especially priceless is he gave me ideas to take my business in places that I never thought of."
"It has been a great pleasure to work with Corey from Advertiser Advisors on my Google Ad Campaign. His expertise and attention to ‘all the little details’ have been invaluable! I highly recommend him!"
"Corey is a great Digital Marketing Strategist and has helped hundreds of different business with their Digital Marketing campaigns. He is a really detail oriented professional willing to truly learn about any business, understand their goals, and help them achieve success through digital marketing. Corey is also easy to talk to and to understand when explaining the business strategy that he would like to implement for each campaign so all business owners are up to date with the information. If you are a new business owner and you are looking to get help with your new digital marketing campaigns then Corey is your guy. Highly recommended!"
"This guy really knows his stuff!"
"Corey is amazing! I met him through networking in the valley and keep hearing how he has change so many businesses by them signing up and listen to his advise. Advertiser Advisors was the best move i could make. Corey really helped my business expand to were i need it to be. Thank you."
"I've known Corey Gefroh for at least 5 years working together for several clients. I do SEO and Corey does the PPC. He is consistent in his deployment and management of ad campaigns. He is on time with reporting, and he's always available to answer clients questions. In all the years I've known him, I've only seen him loose one client ... they were very difficult to work with .... and they disengaged from working with me also. The rest of the clients that we have shared have stayed with him for at least 3 years, some even longer. You don't stay with someone doing PPC if the ROI isn't there. I don't know the specifics of how much ROI these clients are getting, but they all are growing and sticking with Corey."
"Corey is knowledgable, great as serving us as a customer, and very communicative. If you're looking for help with digital advertising to take your business or ministry to the next level, I would highly recommend Corey!"
"Corey was referred to me through a business associate. I hired Corey as I started a new brick and mortar business in the thick of the pandemic. Corey is a piece of the puzzle that is critical to our success. We were profitable in our 2nd month ! He is smart, fast, sharp, and because of his experience, very insightful. I ask many questions via our video meetings and he brings all his data into focus so it makes sense to me and helps me with business decisions. Advertising is crucial for any business and without Corey's expertise, we would not be profitable. He does not do a hard sell. If he feels you are not a good fit, he will be the first to admit it. If he takes you on, you will benefit greatly. We will be using his service for years to come without hesitation. Thank you Corey. You make a difference!"
"As a Realtor, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the choices available for marketing, distributing your message and getting customers to call. I was recommended to Corey by a friend (in a completely different business) and decided to give it a try. I was hopeful about what he offered but cautious because I had heard from so many of my real estate colleagues that pay per clicks ads didn't work. I thought to myself, this is Google and this Corey guy, did nothing but create, service and manage Google ad accounts, for Google biggest customers for years...how could this NOT work? I was right it DID work! Corey designed and created my Google ads account and told me I should start getting calls. It was only a few days into my Google ad campaign before the website "hit" meter started spinning and I received 2 calls from real and qualified buyers a few days apart from each other. It seems the trick of the tail is his experience. Corey has insightful purpose to his methods and has a deep understanding of on-line search reactions simply from doing it for the best, day after day. From there he fine tunes the ad account settings, from real ad activity and demographics to maximize your advertising dollar. Corey is very professional and transparent, I highly recommend his services and think it can help any business. It has helped mine in a very short period of time."
"I've been working with Corey for two months now and am very excited about the results. Not only are people subscribing to my Vlog but I have gotten very clear insights on what terms they're searching for when they're looking for what I have to offer. Now I can now structure my Vlog postings and other materials using these terms. Also, we are going to be able to do a targeted campaign for people who have visited my website even if they did not subscribe. I've always known you could do produce these kinds of results but I had no idea how to go about it. Not only that, who has time? I delegated it all to Corey who is certainly doing a MUCH better job of it than I ever could. I have already recommended his service to friends of mine and I'll continue to do so. Oh! Did I mention how easy he is to work with?"
"Advertiser Advisors has been a great partner for our digital marketing needs. The team is reliable and proficient and I especially like that they continually monitor our account and test out new keywords and strategies on a frequent basis."
"Corey has been working with two of our businesses for the past month. He is responsive, knowledgeable, effective. We look forward to continued growth in traffic to our website due to Corey's work. Corey is a pleasure to work with."
"Corey here at Advertiser Advisors LLC. Knows truly how to get you noticed... Whatever your budget is, any questions you may have, pause your ads and so much more!!! This is your straight forward, honest guy/company you need to choose! Don't just take my word for it! Give him a try and you too will be impressed! Thank you for all you do for us at Gateway Motorsports in Mesa, AA. "
"Corey is awesome, he was referred to me and has made what he said happen, very happy and would recommend him for all your advertising needs. Corey will take the time to explain things in great detail when needed and has been exceptional in putting our needs as his own. Great job and glad we were able to connect and work together."
"Corey is the most effective, enjoyable and responsive marketing consultant we have encountered. Very professional and enjoyable to work with. Very clear offers and pricing."
It's taken me awhile to write this because I've wrestled about keeping the best kept marketing secret to myself. However that just wouldn't be ethical or good karma. So as a small business owner you know how everyone wants your business and tells you they can increase your ROA as well as, automate you to get you more business etc etc. I have a horse corral company which is a super Niche market and I sell $300+ items online. Not an easy sell. After trying a few places some well known and big agencies that almost tanked my business, I was hesitant to try an outside source one more time. It had gotten to the point where outside marketing was just really good at taking your $ and you got very little in return. Do to those experiences, I decided I had to learn all the marketing myself. In the meantime I became a FB ads expert and started to pursue google. Heck Google even gives you free person to your account. Which at first was good and then they were worthless. Being a small business and busy the thought of having to learn how to excel at one more platform made me want to throw up. I hesitantly spoke to Corey. His plan was great and if he sucked I was only out 1 month and I thought it was worth the risk. I am here to tell you it's the best investment I've made this year. I might be intuitive but Corey is the data guy with the numbers, yet he always listens to my thoughts and together we come up with a plan that is exciting. Beyond that it absolutely works. So much that I don't worry about certain things anymore. It's really nice to have someone you can absolutely trust. Corey is the real deal. I recommend not just taking my word for it. See for yourself do a month even if it's not fast and furious at first hang in there for 1 more month you'll thank me that you did! Corey Is The Google Marketing Shizit In My Book!!! Thank you for being someone I can trust and helping me have a plan that has super return on my investment!
"Hiring Corey this year got us more conversions for less money! He’s a smart investment."
"Very knowledgeable and efficient with pay-per-click advertising"
"Corey knows Google. He understands the analytics at a very detailed technical level and yet can explain what a business owner needs to know in plain English. He has incredible insight about how to set up and run an ad campaign and is willing to explore options that are outside the box to help the business owner find the right campaign. In my case, ordinary Google Ads are cost prohibitive in my market. So Corey helped me define an affordable remarketing campaign and will be helping me with a YouTube ads campaign. Both of these campaigns are substantially more affordable and yet may be even more effective for my audience. He captures wonderful data to help explain better ways to tweak the campaigns to reach target clients. It seems he is always thinking of ways to get people to find me online, when I would be invisible online on my own merits."
"Corey has done an amazing job with my company's Google presence through a multitude of different paths he has taken. He is very thorough and goes the extra mile to learn your business so that your online presence is maximized. He is great at follow up, great at sending weekly updates so you can see how well your business is doing or if you need to tweak anything. I am thrilled with his service! I had used another company before and they were terrible at what they did so I was a little hesitant of going the Google route again but I am so glad I took the chance on him!"
"Corey has done an amazing job gaining Google exposure for one of my clients, a local HVAC company. I'm extremely pleased by Corey's attention to detail and knowledge and am happy to send my marketing clients his way for his special touch!"
"Corey took the time to listen and understand my peak bakery business cycles. I have used his services for several months now and am thankful for the ability to turn adds on and off when my one person business is maxed out. Corey manages the adds, analytics, educates me along the way. He keeps me updated regularly. I highly recommend him to manage your Google presence."
"From business intelligence to design, Corey has it all. During our time together at Mt Baker Vapor, Corey helped cultivate my love for writing and was always willing and eager to provide supportive feedback and constructive criticism. Corey is a born leader with a growth mindset. And it is his vision, mental wherewithal and passion that will help elevate any organization."
"Corey knows his stuff! He will treat your account like it is the most important account in the world. He also does an amazing job at maximizing your return for your spend!"
"Corey has been helping me grow my business through Google and YouTube advertising for many months. He is very professional, intelligent, and committed to our success. I highly recommend him for any business."
"Working with Corey has been an excellent experience. He helped bring new creative marketing strategies to the table while ensuring we were efficient with our monthly budget."
"Corey does an amazing job! He’s an expert."

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